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Skitterish Sellers, Take Heart!

It's a worn-out expression: "We're in a low-inventory market." Buyers keep asking our First Weber-Southwest agents why, and when will it end?

Consider this: Most of the sellers are going to be buyers, and that is where the Skitterish Seller Syndrome sets in.

In many markets we find that there are typically multiple buyers competing for any given new listing. To add to this, the Sellers may have to use a home-sale contingency on a property they want to buy, which hinders their chances of getting an accepted offer.

Here are some of the creative ideas our buyers have been using recently when making offers with Sellers:

  1. Most popular: Allow the seller to rent back for 30-60 days (Note: not all buyers' lenders will allow this).

  2. Include a clause in your offer allowing Sellers' time to locate a new property to move to.

  3. Help the seller locate a rental or temporary housing (we've seen some sellers move into the buyers rental!)

  4. Sellers who have low or zero mortgage balances may consider taking out a home equity loan so they can make a cash offer on their new home.

  5. Be patient and willing to cooperate: Almost anything can be worked out if all parties are working together for the same goal.

First Weber-Southwest agents are expert negotiators and can help guide you through these skitterish times!

Find your favorite First Weber-Southwest agent and let's get the conversation started! Our agents offer no-obligation guidance with home values and market advice. And hey, you never know, we just might have a buyer for your home, already!

If you don't already know one of our agents, here and we'll help you connect with one!

Nancy K Smith is the Office Manager and a producing broker for the First Weber Southwest Region of offices, including locations in Dodgeville, Mineral Point, Platteville, Spring Green & Prairie du Chien. Nancy has been involved in real estate for for over 24 years and has been with First Weber since 2001.

Thinking of a career in real estate? Check us out!

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