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Starting a New Career in Real Estate

You know you want a new career in real estate. But where do you begin? When searching for a real estate firm and broker, you have a lot of choices. How do you tell them all apart? And more importantly, how do you decide on which is the right one for you?

As a new agent, you will want to decide which agency model is the right fit for you. Agency models can be broken down into a few simple categories that offer different types of service. Three distinct types of firms are: A) 'Mom & Pop' shops; B) discount firms, and C) full-service firms. Let's review the basic differences of these three models.

'Mom and Pop' shops are typically one office run by a sole broker or family. Many times the family name is part of the firm's name, but not always.

Discount firms may be known as offering services for a flat-fee, or putting a home on the MLS but not providing full brokerage services. Again, each one is different and may be based on a national chain or operated by a single broker near or far from the current market.

Full-service firms will typically provide a lengthy list of services to buyers and sellers. These can be a franchise or not, and oftentimes have more than one office location. First Weber falls into this category: We are a full-service broker, and you can learn more about our philosophy and business model here. In short, First Weber offers guidance, support and training to agents at every stage of their career, but in particular, to new agents who are looking for a supportive environment in which to start and grow their career.

First Weber is well-known for the tools and branding provided to its agents, allowing the agent to have an immediate presence and promote themselves so they can focus on familiarizing themselves with other things.

To learn more about a career in real estate at First Weber, contact us!

Nancy K Smith is the Office Manager and a Selling Broker with First Weber Inc - Southwest, with agents and offices in Dodgeville, Mineral Point, Platteville, Spring Green, Richland Center & Prairie du Chien. Nancy has been a Wisconsin Realtor member continuously since 1997 and has earned several awards and designations for her sales and service to the real estate industry and to First Weber.

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